German Chamomile


A well-known annual herb that is a multi-faceted healing herb. Native to Europe, Iran, and Afghanistan. Very potent and effective for numerous ailments. In days gone by it was known as the “plants’ physician” for curing the diseases plants nearby were fighting, thus making it a valuable garden addition. German chamomile grows up to 24” tall with white, daisy-like flowers that bloom June through frost. Grows very well with lavender, rosemary, and hyssop. Enjoys flourishing in containers.

MEDICINAL BENEFITS & USES — Over 20 countries worldwide have approved chamomile as a great treatment for: colic, indigestion, muscle spasms, tension, inflammation, sleep disorders, and infection. Flowers and flower tops are parts used in tinctures, syrup/elixers, ointments/salves, foot and bath soaks, sleep pillows, infusion treatments, honey and liniments.

SAFETY CONCERNS — Some people may be allergic to chamomile. After using if you experience itchy eyes or ears, runny nose, scratchy throat, or other allergic reactions, discontinue use.


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  • Days to Maturity: 80
  • Min. Seeds Per Packet: 250
  • Botanical Name: Matricaria recutita

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