Hummingbird / Butterfly Wildflower Mix


A dazzling, perennial and annual wildflower mixture for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies! Will give them plenty of options to choose from and you to enjoy! Varieties vary per batch.

POSSIBLE VARIETIES INCLUDE: Alyssum, Aster, Bird’s Eyes, Catchfly, Cosmos, Forget Me Nots, Four O’clock, Foxglove, Larkspur, Lemon Mint, Maltese Cross, Marigolds, Milkweed, Nasturtiums, Penstemon, Poppy, Scarlet Sage, Snapdragon, Toadflax, Tobacco Plant, Treemallow and Zinnia.


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  • Days to Maturity: Varies
  • Min. Seeds Per Packet: 1/4 oz. packet of 500+

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