Hickory King White Dent Corn


One of the finest! This variety is known for its exceptional flavor and easy processing in many food dishes including corn bread, grits, hominy, corn meal, tortilla flour and even old time roasting ears. The 8-12′ tall stalks grow up to two, 7-9″ long cob ears filled with 10-12 rows of large, flat, white kernels. It routinely produces up to 1 pound of dry kernels per plant. This variety reportedly grows and adapts well in multiple soil types. It makes a good compost addition due to large amounts of foliage. Good tolerance to Northern and Southern Leaf Blight and tight husks help repel beetles and worms.


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  • Days to Maturity: 110 to 115
  • Min. Seeds Per Packet: 100
  • Botanical Name: Zeas mays

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