Dustin-Mizer Duster w/ deflector shield


An easy to use, hand held duster/applicator for garden insecticide dusts and powder fertilizers. It creates a “dust fog environment” wind-stream that covers plant foliage while cranking the handle. This light-weight, yet durable, All American made tool is constructed from corrosion-free plastic and stainless steel which makes it very low maintenance. The Dustin Mizer is an excellent hand-held duster for dusting insecticides in garden and landscape areas, attics and crawl spaces and can propel dust 20-30 feet. Holds up to one pound of insecticide dust and can coat large areas in a snap. Efficiently spreads diatomaceous earth dust, using just five ounces to cover 500 sq ft. This Dustin Mizer also contains a 9-inch extension with an optional deflector shield to get the dust on/under the plants and away from yourself.

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