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Beneficial Insect Flower Mix


Mixture of perennial and annual wildflower varieties that attract a wide array of beneficial insects that prey upon unwanted garden insect pests. Varieties vary per batch.

POSSIBLE VARIETIES INCLUDE: Alyssum, Baby Blue Eyes, Baby’s Breath, Bergamot, Bishop’s Flower, California Bluebells, Poppy, Candytuft, Cilantro, White Dutch Clover, Coreopsis, Daisy, Dill, Dwarf Cosmos, Fennel, Globe Gilia, Liatris, Rudbeckia, Siberian Wallflower, Tidy Tips, and White Yarrow.


  • SKU: 4906
  • Days to Maturity: varies
  • Min. Seeds Per Packet: 1/4 oz. packet of 500+

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