Do You Accept International Orders?

We accept Canadian orders by phone or email only, in order to calculate exact shipping costs. Sorry, no other foreign orders are accepted at this time.


What Is The Best Way to Fight Disease and Bug Problems In My Garden?

We recommend using 2 products. Diatomaceous Earth is a product that you dust on the plant. The second one is 100% Cold-pressed Neem Oil, which is a product that you will spray on the plant. Both are organic and are the only products we use in our gardens for these problems. Using these problems as a "preventive" will increase effectiveness.


How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?

We usually have your order ready to ship within a day or two of receiving the order. Time may increase slightly during the busy season.



Can I Save Seed That I Don't Use For Next Year?

Yes, just store your seed in a cool, dry and dark environment. The refrigerator is ideal with a MOISTURE absorber. We do not recommend freezing or storing in Mylar. CLICK HERE for more seed storage tips.


Do You Have A Catalog?

Yes! And we'd be happy to send you one. You can request your FREE catalog here or call us at 866-424-3185.



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