Our Guarantee

It's very important to all of us here at White Harvest that we offer only the best quality heirloom seed available to all of our customers. We want your gardens to produce healthy and abundant harvests. That's why we've signed the Safe Seed Pledge. The following is our promise and guarantee to you.


"Agriculture and seeds provide the basis upon which our lives depend. We must protect this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations. For the benefit of all farmers, gardeners and consumers who want an alternative,

We pledge that we do not knowingly buy, sell or trade genetically engineered seeds or plants.

The mechanical transfer of genetic material outside of natural reproductive methods and between genera, families or kingdoms, poses great biological risks as well as economic, political, and cultural threats. We feel that genetically engineered varieties have been insufficiently tested prior to public release. More research and testing is necessary to further assess the potential risks of genetically engineered seeds. Further, we wish to support agricultural progress that leads to healthier soils, genetically diverse agricultural ecosystems and ultimately healthy people and communities."


Due to our high respect and love for these wonderful varieties, all of our seeds are true-to-type, Open-Pollinated Heirlooms - non-treated and non-GMO.*

Our varieties have all passed our germination test of quality, surpassing the state's requirements, to insure to our customers germination results that meet your standards, as well as ours. However, if you are still unsatisfied with germination results after having planted according to our recommendations, please let us know within 30 days after a defect becomes apparent and we will gladly replace your seed packet or refund your packet cost. All claims must be submitted within 6 months from date of purchase. Please note that shipping costs will not be refunded.

We want our customers to remain happy gardeners, so please let us know if you have any problems with any one of our products.


Many factors, which are naturally out of our control, can affect your garden. White Harvest Seed Company guarantees only to the full amount of the purchased seed. By purchasing any of our seeds, buyer acknowledges and accepts these conditions.


*To the best of our knowledge, research, and trials.