Battle of the Beans

The season of beans is in full swing and boy, is it a busy one!  We thought we'd give y'all a little break from all that picking, snapping, and canning and throw a Green Bean Giveaway!

Match each of the pictures below with its proper variety name to win 2 FREE PACKETS of YOUR CHOICE of beans. (All varieties below are available on our website.)  The gardening season isn't over yet.  The lucky winner will be able to plant the seeds right away and get one more harvest before fall!

Leave your guesses and email in the comments below. (The first person to guess the most correct answers wins. )  Winner will be announced via our Facebook page and notified by email on August 1st. May the Battle of the Beans Begin!

#1 (HINT: Provision Guaranteed)

#2 (HINT: A staple bush bean harvest)

#3 (HINT: This Pole bean is named after a state)

#4 (HINT: This Pole bean is named after a critter)

#5 (HINT: One "festive" Lima Bean)

#6 (HINT: A great dry bean)

#7 (HINT: This bush bean will "impress" you)

#8 (HINT: Pole bean from North Carolina)

#9 (HINT: This is one bright wax bean)

#10 (HINT: A true jewel)

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